About Us
Effin Beauty was born from the hearts and imaginations of two people that love all things culinary. "Date Night" was and still is something sacred to them. Centering a restaurant that held their vision and values seemed to be a natural endeavor.
Effin Beauty encompasses all things beautiful in the eyes of the design visionary. Maria Pallotta, owner & operator, has always had a fond appreciation in the beauty of the pinup girl. Their femininity & dauntless demeanor inspired the bold yet delicate touches set within each corner of this quaint bistro. 
The food & drinks work hand in hand to tantalize all senses and keep you wanting more. Effin Beauty sets out to open your minds and taste buds, paying close attention to detail and using only the finest ingredients.
Service at Effin Beauty sets a standard that we keep building upon. We want each culinary experience to be better than the last.
We value your dining experience. Feel free to contact us for more information about private events. Email us at 3pinups@gmail.com